Gas balloon dynamics


The Gordon Bennett race ( is the oldest and the most popular gas balloon race.

We have developped a model that captures the trajectory of a gas balloon. With some sensors installed in the gondola we can anticipate potential instable atmospheric situations and predict the sand and gas consumption.


Moreover, we have developped tools to predict the trajectory of a balloon.


See Fribourg Freiburg Challenge for some nice pictures and videos.

Jupyter: a datascience interactive platform

Jupyter logo

The ASAM Group has recently launched its Jupyter hub.  The project intends to give students a set of interactive courses, as an introduction to the statistical software R. Thank Jupyter, one has the possibility to learn and test in a “live” environment line codes from different languages, as R, Python, Julia, etc.  In the next years, the applied statistics master courses given by the ASAM Group will be each completed by Jupyter notebooks.

Absolute vs Relative Key Performance Indicator

key performance indicator

Absolute and relative change might be insufficient to meaningfully compare and interpret the sales volume of different sales channels. The goal of this project was to single out a meaningful indicator which is determined by some economically natural axioms and which allows to compare sales channels of different scales. The indicator proves to be interesting in its own right since it uncovers a relationship between marginal functions and economic elasticity and might be interpreted as a special kind of Cobb-Douglas-Function.

Mechanical modeling of plant growth

Air quality investigations in new and renovated energy-efficient houses


In order to study the air quality in houses, a large collection of data was carried out in new or renovated energy-efficient houses from Western Switzerland. The statistics consisted of analyzing questionnaires completed by the inhabitants as well as the measures of radon, volatile organic compounds and occurrence of molds. We had also to find which parameters (structure of the house, type of ventilation, maintenance,…) have an influence on a high level of radon, of volatile organic compound and mold.

indoor air quality at perollino nursery


Our aim is to study and monitor the indoor air quality with up-to-date data management and specific statistical analysis methods. It is important to notice that we could develop a measurement prototype owing to the possible  synergies between miscellaneous R&D institutes.

Gambling machines

rie-gambling-machinesGambling machines in public places must involve skill and cannot be based on pure luck. The Federal Gaming Board issues mandates to study the level of skill required in a newly developed gambling machine, using real world tests as well as simulations. These studies serve as a basis to determine whether the machine can be operated in public places.

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