FRISAM is a partnership

between the University of Fribourg and
the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland in Fribourg

offering services and support in applied mathematics and statistics for industry:

  • data analysis,
  • applied research and development,
  • custom tutorials and courses,
  • organisation of events promoting industrial mathematics.

FRISAM is a group of experienced researchers

from the following faculties and schools in Fribourg:

offering their help in their fields of competence, including

  • statistics and stochastic simulation,
  • mathematical modeling,
  • numerical analysis and scientific computing,
  • operations research.

What can we offer?

  • our mathematical competence
  • experience with applications of mathematics in engineering, natural and social sciences,
  • possible co-funding of industrial research projects through local, national or international grant agencies,
  • short studies performed by our students (free of charge),
  • our network of specialists in mathematics and neighbouring disciplines,
  • close collaboration with specialists from other domains,
  • access to academic computational and research facilities (labs).

Mathematics at your service