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Cluster analysis for multivariate data in micropaleontology

In collaboration with a PhD student in micropaleontology and in order to understand the evolution of fossilized marine organisms, we conducted several statistical analyzes to determine whether the characteristic dimensions of these organisms allowed them to be grouped into different families. These analyzes were conducted for two distinct observation periods at different geographical locations.

Ref: Dr Monica Constandache,
Ref: Dr Monica Constandache, “Morphometric study of porosity and morphology of fossil Globigerinoides, during the Late Oligocene and Early Pliocene”

Jupyter: a datascience interactive platform

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The ASAM Group has recently launched its jupyter hub.  The project intends to give students a set of interactive courses, as an introduction to the statistical software R. Thank Jupyter, one has the possibility to learn and test in a “live” environment line codes from different languages, as R, Python, Julia, etc.  In the next years, the applied statistics master courses given by the ASAM Group will be each completed by jupyter notebooks.



Spielmaschinen in öffentlichen Orten müssen Geschick erfordern  und dürfen nicht auf reinem Glück basieren . Die Eidgenössische Spielbankenkommission gibt Studien in Auftrag, die das Ausmass an Geschick ermessen, das in einer neu entwickelten Spielmaschine erforderlich ist. Diese Studien dienen als Basis für die Entscheidung, ob die Maschine in öffentlichen Orten betrieben werden kann.