Introduction to R language for data analysis and visualisation

Fribourg Pérolles, Thuesday 10 September 2024, 9:00-17:00

This one-day course is addressed to anyone who wants to learn the basics of the R software language. It is given in French by Profs. Thomas Clerc and  Florence Yerly.

R is a comprehensive, flexible and powerful tool for statistical analysis and graphics. It has become a more and more used language among scientists for data manipulation, modeling and visualization. As a very popular open source software, R is continuously updated and extended with new libraries (almost 13’000 nowadays) provided by users for a wide variety of tasks related to statistics.

The course will give an introduction to R and Rstudio (an integrated development environment for R) in an interactive manner, using datasets for the practice of data manipulation and visualization.


At the end of the course, participants should be comfortable with the R environment and be able to read, understand and write R commands, allowing them in particular:

  • to interact with the R environment
  • to import data, explore it and summarise it
  • to visualize data with graphs
  • to write their own functions


  • software installation (R and R-studio),
  • basic manipulations
  • Importing and writing data
  • descriptive statistics
  • data handling (sort, extract, …)
  • data visualization (histograms, boxplots, barplots)
  • programming basics
  • own functions
  • Introducing specific libraries (to define according to the interest of the public)

Course material

Participants will bring their own portable computer. (Please contact us if this is not possible.)

Further information:

  • instructions for installing R and Rstudio will be given before the course.
  • the maximum number of participants is 18.
  • the participation fee is 500 CHF / 400 CHF for Swiss Engineering-section Fribourg members


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