tidyverse: a modern data management R package

LAST OCCURENCE : Wednesday, 16th October 2019, 9h -17h

Often, data analysis could be challenging, not only due to sophisticated statistical methods, but first of all because of messy data. The success of a proper analysis could depend crucially on the right access to these data. Thus, having a powerful management system of the data matters extremely to the data analysis. Thanks to the R package tidyverse, the data analyst disposes of a smart and modern way to resolve the question.

This one-day course is given in French by Rédina Berkachy from the group ASAM (Applied Statistics and Modelling, Department of Informatics, University of Fribourg). It is addressed to anyone familiar with the R software, and who wants to learn the fundamental concepts of the tidyverse ecosystem and treat larger scale data problems in a new modern environment.

tidyverse, developed by Hadley Wickham, is an evolving coherent ecosystem of packages which intends to prepare, to explore and to visualize data. It relies on a particular “philosophy” to manage data sets. This very modern system has recently raised much attention. As such, it has been propagated into many areas of applications.

The assets of tidyverse are the consistent and productive functions. The package provides efficient workflow coverages, higher productivity and reproducible products. The system is based on the connections between the different programming and data science tools, which make the workflow of any statistician and data scientist easier. The full package comprises an entire set of building blocks supporting the complete end-to-end workflow for a wide variety of analyses. Last but not least, it provides a didactic way of learning which enables an “inexperienced” user to prepare a messy data set easily.

The course is based on Hadley Wickham and Garrett Grolemund’s book, “R for data science”.


At the end of the course, the participant should be comfortable with the tidyverse tools. The participant will mainly learn the following list of skills:

  • To learn and master the different stages of the canonical workflow of the tidyverse construction;
  • To test and apply the fundamental packages and functions of the tidyverse ecosystem;
  • To import, to tidy and to explore a messy data set.

Course material

The participants will bring their own laptop. (Please, contact us if it is not possible)

Further information

The latest version of R and RStudio should be installed before the course.

The maximum number of participants is 18.

The participation fee is 500 CHF / 400 CHF for Swiss Engineering-section Fribourg members

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