Practical introduction to Python language

Fribourg Pérolles,  Friday 12 November, 2021,   9h00 – 17h00

(if legally possible in presence-mode, in the case of lockdown in distance-mode)

 This lecture is intended for people who wish to discover the rich set of tools provided by the Python programming language and learn the basic structure of this language.

This lecture is given in French by Prof. Jean-Luc Robyr.

Python is an object oriented, multiplatform (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android) programming language. Its use has grown a lot, in particular by scientists, because of its simple and intuitive syntax and the large collection of packages for advanced data analysis. This language is under  free licence and therefore benefits from a large community of users which easily share their code.

This lecture offers an introduction to Python through the “Spyder IDE” environment developed at the MIT. Though practical exercices the participants will experiment the basic rules of this language and use the main tools for the scientific data analysis (graphical representation, numerical and statistical analysis, basic GUI).


At the end of the lecture,

  • you know how to use the Spyder environment to write and run scripts.
  • you know the Python syntax and you are able to write simple routines.
  • you have seen a small part of the rich package libraries and you know how to look and install the ones you need.


  • Introduction to the Python language and to its various existing tools.
  • Installation of packages
  • Installation of the Anaconda environment on the participants computers
  • Presentation of the Spyder environment (script, commande line, help menu,…)
  • Introduction to the Python syntax through practical examples
  • Overview of some advanced examples:
    • Graphical representation
    • Creation of GUI
    • Data importation and analysis (fit, statistical tools)
    • Numerical resolution of differential equations

Course material: Script with basic commands and practical exercices

The participants will bring their own laptop. (Contact us if it is not possible)

The maximum number of participants is 18.

The participation fee is 500 CHF / 400 CHF for Swiss Engineering-section Fribourg members



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